mercoledì 30 dicembre 2015

Bye bye beautiful

Another year went by. It has been a painful, beautiful, full year, filled with laughs and tears and thoughts. The last year of the third decade of my life. A lot of reflections about who I am, who I was and who I want to be. In this year I tried to come to terms with the fact the the dream I have been chasing for 10 years will not come true. It has been hard, but now I feel like I finally let it go. It belongs to the past. This has left me wandering in my own life somehow. You have a target, a goal. You know what are you aiming to. But when you deliberately close that door you find yourself walking along a very long corridor filled with doors and you're not sure which one you should open ( or want to open ). So I decided that with the beginning of this fourth decade I will go back to square one. My first passions: drawing, writing and taking pictures. Not because I decided to become a writer or a painter or a photographer. Or maybe because I decided to become either a writer AND a painter AND a photographer. Or because I want to lit the flame of passion again. I Know 40 will be a great age: my older children have become such great friends, with whom I love to laugh and talk and learn, and my little one keep me young, letting me see the reality with his pure and joyful eyes, and my age set me free from the stress of pleasing other no matter what. I have the luxury to be myself, no competition with my fellow human beings. I feel so blessed. So what I am doing this year is to sign in for an online class (illustration and mixed media art ), writing few short novels and maybe entering some literary contest for beginners, taking more pictures. AND keeping a written nature journal and journaling more. AND reading a lot of books. Oh and eating healthy and living and vegan as much as possible. It seems that 2016 will be full of interesting things. So bye bye 2015, bye bye beautiful, you've been a good teacher, but now I need to move on. With Love, Flavia.

The last pictures for this year, nature and family and Christmas. So much joy. 

Happy New Year !

mercoledì 23 dicembre 2015

Merry Christmas

Christmas has arrived. It is knocking on the door of my heart. I want to wish to all my friends and relatives, closer and far away the most peaceful and joyful Christmas day. May this special day fill you up with happiness to last until the next one. For my Christians friends ( as me ) this is such a very special day, in which we celebrate the birth of our very special friend and the wisest and most loving teacher, Jesus.
Here few pictures from my house, mostly the lights, colourful and so necessary in the darkness of this month.

Merry Christmas !!!

lunedì 21 dicembre 2015

Happy Solstice !

So here we are. The darker moment of the year is here, but this mean that the light is about to come back. In two days the hours of daylight will be longer and longer. I love this moment of the year, as it reminds me that in life we have darkness and light, and even if darkness can be scaring and depressing and sad, it is the prelude to light. A light much more sweeter and bright just because of the previous darkness.
I took these pictures of the sky at 15:00 (3 pm ) just when the sun was about to set. In few months at 3 am we will have much more light than this.
  I love the Creation we're living in.

 Happy solstice to everybody !

Today's details:
Sunrise at 9:23
Sunst at 15:07
Daylight: 5h44min

venerdì 18 dicembre 2015

Morning frost

This is a very strange season. Somehow out of pace. Calendar says december, Christmas, winter solstice, but the sky whisper maybe autumn... we still have mostly plus temperatures and rain. The annoying grey foggy rain you'd expect from an autumn day. Almost everybody I meet ( ok not so many people since my life here is quite secluded ) is desperately waiting for snow and we make no exception. After the glorious one-day-of-snow it all melted away and it has been dark and muddy ever since. So, few mornings ago, once the light finally made its appearence and showed the world, I was very happy to notice the thin layer of glittering white cover the reality and I had to grab my camera and capture some of that beauty.

Few details from today:
sunrise at 9:21
sunset at 15:06
hours of light : 5 hours 45 minutes

Have a lovely weekend !

lunedì 14 dicembre 2015


Only few days until the solstice. I'm litterally in love with the magic and mystic that happens during the solstices. The shorter and the longer days in the year. The sun making a leap from darkness to light and vice versa. Of course the winter solstice is the most exciting, after so much darkness, knowing that finally the light is about to shine again it is so comforting. No wonder Jesus was born around this period. He is so comforting too.
This morning I took a picture outside around noon. The sun is under the top of the trees at the horizon. It not even arrives at west to set, so short its path nowadays.

Today's details:
Sunrise at  9:17 am
Sunset at 15:06 pm
daylight 5 hours 49 minutes

Have a nice week !