venerdì 8 gennaio 2016

Late ! Late ! Late !

I know, it's a long overdue post. But I really wanted to post those three pictures from New Year's night. Why ? Well first of all because I like the idea that my blog it's somehow my journal. Then because I really love those picture. But most of all because that night has been beautiful and fun. My older children are most of the time now truly great friends, with whom I can laugh and talk and share all aspects of life ( and yes, sometime they're an handful too ) while my little one is pure joy and curiosity and sweet love ( and yes sometime he's an handful too ). And I love all of them. And I'm very fond also of you my dear readers ;) 
So... Happy 2016 !!!!!!!

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  1. Happy and joyful year to you and your beautiful family! It's great to see our children change from their baby-teen years to the age when we can hold adult conversations with them. My best thoughts from France. Evelyne

    1. Yes it's amazing. My little one is only three and half and this makes it even more incredible, as I can switch from the pure and tender 'mothering mode' with him, to laughs and inside jokes with the older ones. Have a lovely sunday !


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