martedì 7 aprile 2015

Finally back

Oh my oh my ! It has been one really crazy week the past one ! And my poor cyber-home has been neglected and hardly ever checked. Let's go back to sunday the 29th of march. It has been a very exciting day, because Gaia had a dance show performing her own coreography. She has been practicing for weeks without showing us a single move, so we were all very thrilled for her performance ... and it has been great ! People cheered and shouted and complimented her, and they came to me to tell me how beautiful was her coreography and I had to fight with myself to keep those tears (of joy and pride ) to fall ... she has been incredible and she is MY sweet child, my my and only my ! :)

she is starting ...

Compliments from the director of the dance school

The same day we had the pleasure to meet a new friend, an incredible american boy whose dream is to sing and make movies, and that lives here in Loviisa, came over to join Gaia and her friend Moa during their radio program Back and Forth. Of course we didn't miss the chance to make a new friend, so he's been spending quite a lot of time here with us ....

Fabio, Gaia, Jimmy and Wolf

After an early spring, the beginning of last week had also a quite dreadful surprise for us ...

..... SNOW....
You know, we're rather snow lover, I mean really, we think snow is such a magical gift ... but ...
but not at the end of march !! Please !!!!
But just for your information, in case you might be interested, it seems that spring is slowly finding its way back ... (today +10 !!!!!!! )

And finally we arrived at thursday, the 1st of april, april fool's day or Gaia's BIRTHDAY !
My sweet wonderful talented doughter turned 15 !! I can't believe, the little newborn who made a mother of me, is fifteen !!! I can see a wonderful future unfolding in front of her !

But the very same night James got a very bad flu, during the night the temp arrive at 39C and he stopped sleeping. He woke up around one in the night and simple styed awake for 3 days and nights, being absolutely miserable during the day, but still not sleeping at all at night. At some point I seriously thought he would go on like this forever, but when I was on the verge of despair he finally got better and started sleeping normally again. 

And on sunday we celebrated Ester, since Jimmy was still quite sick I couldn't really take care of decorations and food as I usually do, but it turned out nice anyways ...

Yummi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easter day was spent eating, joking and going crazy with our loombands !!!!

It is good to be back.
It is good to be healthy.
It is good to be with family and friends.
It is good to be in spring.

God bless you !

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  1. Dio benedica voi, splendida famiglia.
    Vi pensiamo spesso con Agnese e vi mandiamo un calorosa abbraccio !

    1. Grazie ! Anche noi vi pensiamo sempre. Ricambiamo l'abbraccio con affetto !!

  2. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter! I'm wishing her the best. My eldest daugther will be 22 in june, I can't believe it either... It seems that time flies even faster when your become a mother, doesn't it? Have a nice day!

    1. Thank you ! Yes time fly much faster when you're a mother, you're right ! You have a june-doughter ! My three boys are born in june :)
      Have a lovely day you too !


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