sabato 25 aprile 2015


We moved here in Finland 3 years and half ago. After few months my husband found his first job, a painting job in a restaurant in town. He was working with a nepalese man. We got to know him rather well in the few weeks they worked together and his story was really uplifting, knowing that such goodhearted people do exist give big hope for the humanity.
He run a B&B in Nepal and was also a guide. He told us he was rather well off for Nepalese standards so every years in the last 10 years or so he has been spending 2-3 months up in the mountains building schools, and watering systems, and buying supplies and delivering them in the poorest villages.
He was here in Finland to rise money for helping more people. Beside the painting job, he was selling children's drawings and we bought one that is very dear to us. He also had these prayers flags, which i love, but they were all sold. He promised to send us one from Nepal as soon as he could afford the shipping. I couldn't tell him goodbye because I gave birth to James the day before his departure. Months went by and one morning ( one of those bad morning filled of bad moods in which everybody seems to fight with anybody else ) we heard a knock on the door. As we opened there was this finnish guy standing tall on our steps '' Hello, I'm just back from Nepal, Bahdra send you this'' and he handed us two nepalese prayer flag buntings. We couldn't believe it. We were so speechless that we not even invited the guy in. Those flags are hanging in our kitchen here in Finland and in our caravan, to follow us everywhere and remind us about love and friendship.
When yesterday I heard about the terrible earthquake in Nepal I couldn't help but thinking to our friend over there, his family his children. We lost contact with him so there's no way to know how he's doing. The only thing I can do now is sending prayers for him and his people and his beautiful country.

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  1. Very sad moment this country has to come through indeed. I've seen pictures on TV, it's pure desolation... All my thoughts to the people there and a special thought to you concerning your friend.

    1. Thank you, I've been thinking about this all day... poor people ...


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