lunedì 5 ottobre 2015

Turn back time

Some year ago there was this song whose title was '' if I could turn back time'', do you remember it ? Well it came back to my mind in the last couple of days because I actually felt like I indeed turned back the time. As many of you might know my children are devided in 'the older group' and the little one. The first four where born in 3 years and 10 months, but my youngest made me wait eight years before coming. So at the moment I have a 15yo, two 13yo, one 11yo and a wee 3yo. As it could sound weird to most of people I miss so much the time when my first children were all happy to create alongside me. I used to spend my days organizing activities and crafty moments to make a happy home life. But as you know children grow ... and mine did it too. They stopped enjoying my ideas because (of course) they wanted to pursue their own, to achieve their goals, to set their own goals. It makes me very proud, but sometimes I feel like my best buddies for my favourite activities tuned me down. But yesterday I proposed to my little one if he wanted to make an autumn tree to hang on the wall complete with painted autumn leaves as the tree just outside our crafty room and he said YES very excited for his first important project, and I couldn't be more happy ! We spent many hours creating and cutting and painting and at some point even one of the sisters joined us. It was an incredible two days of fun and now my mind is already picturing new project and ideas ! Whoohoo !!!!!!! But here some evidence of what we have done ....

 With the fantastic BigShot we cut a lot of leaves of different sizes on a white watercolor paper

Since my little one has the habit to get a bit over excited when he has a lot of color(s) I bought few very cheap glass candle holder and filled them with a couple of spoons of watercolor paint ( so even if he want to finish all of it it's not a problem )

Fun ! While he was painting the leaves I could sit near him working on my drawings or on  my crocheting. When he got tired of painting I wrapped some foil over the little 'jar' and saved the color for later use.

I made a big tree on a piece of cardboard and Milla painted it and helped me to laminate it.

After taking few pictures I took away Gaia's poster about China ( with her permission of course, it is now neatly folded on the shelf )

 And here it is ! The tree in its place, Milla and Jimmy still painitng more leaves together.

 And here the first leaves on the tree !!!!!
( few billions of them are drying on my working table ).

What a wonderful day !!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh, wasn't this song of the Scandinavian band "Aqua"? There was such great tunes in 90's. What a horrible music and lyrics people make in this millennium :-(

    But you'll be such a young grandma :-) plus you will have your "baby" James, when others are out of the nest.
    I wish I were half as creative as you.

  2. I always think just this :) I will be 40 in january and I am very excited for this new decade of my life, in which most probably I will be a granny !!! And still have a young one :) I feel so blessed <3 Thank you for visting !

  3. Thanks for sharing your thougts about life, its ups and downs, your questioning... When I reached the age of 40 (I'll be 50 next year!), I was full of ambivalent feelings too and creativity (through handcraft, books, films...) has helped me ever since find some relative balance. Relative as I think I will always be the kind of person who can't stop thinking and questioning. I often feel as a teenager who is wondering what her future will be made of. Have a nice day!

  4. A little message just to wish you a nice Sunday!

    1. I logged today for the first time in ages and I have found your messages, thank you for keep visiting and commenting. I can totally relate about the feeling of being a wondering teenager :-) Have a wonderful novemeber !

  5. Happy november too! I love autumn and its wonderful colours...


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