giovedì 5 novembre 2015

Challenges and priorities

Finally tonight I decided to log on my poor neglected blog. I found two lovely comments by my blog friend from the JARDIN ANGLAIS  (check her blog and web-shop are soo worth ! ) and this made me realize how I missed my blogging and how I should try to be back and more active on here. But as the title of this post says, this is a very challenging moment of my life and it's now time to set my priorities in order to get out from this depressing feeling of being a failure i'm stuck in. I have to say that my fifth child confirmed my feeling that it's much more easier to have children very close in age. My first four were born in 3 years and 10 months, I have heard the sentence ''you have your hands full'' so many time when they were very young. And now I keep hearing how much easier must be for me to have the little one so much younger than the others. Well it is not. When the fab four were small they always played together, wanted to eat, drink, listen and watch the same things, it was so easy for me to have them all happy, of course I was very busy, but knowing they were happy and having fun was the best reward. Now my little one has to share his mom with four siblings that more or less just started to navigate the mysterious teen-age-land. They love him to pieces, they have fun spending some time with him during the day, but they don't see him as the whole person he already is, just like a small funny little thing, and they hardly want to spend their time doing what he loves or letting him get hold of their stuff or watch something suitable to him, that he can understand. So most of the time I find a very sad, sometime quite angry and bored three years old running around looking for a playmate ( which usually it's me ). And yes, homeschooling it's not always easy, and you find yourself doubting ten thousand times a day this choice, but still at the end of each day you decide that you wouldn't really want it any other way. But well, the point of my very long rant is that this is one of the most busy, challenging moments of my life. I can't remember to have ever been so overwhelmed before. So yesterday I read this quote from Elizabeth Gilbert '' sometime you have to give up something you love to do what you want to do most''. So here I am, ready to declutter my life. Not my house. The moment has arrived to decide what to keep and what to give up, at least in this busy moment. My little blog won't be among the things I will be giving up :-) So here I am, with a couple of pics to make you smile ....




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  1. I'm glad you're back. Just like you, I'm more or less present on my blog according to my mood and feelings of the moment. Let's be as caring towards ourselves as we would be towards our best friend. At least, let's try, which is not easy every day!!!!! I'm wishing you a joyful day, when joy can hide in any little thing.

    1. Thank you ! Yes, it's not always easy to be kind with our own self ... but I promise I will try to and I'll look for joy in the small things of everyday life,have a beautiful weekend !


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