domenica 23 agosto 2015

A stroll in the garden

Hello dear friends, so here I am to finally update you about my garden. I have to say that the garden has been producing so much and the forest has given us so much berries that picking and processing it all, took most of my time ( of course I'm not complaining ... just the opposite ! ) and together with getting ready for restaurant day ( which we had last sunday ) and the house openings ( next weekend ) I didn't have much time to come here on my poor neglected blog :). But let's put on our gardening shoes, grab your basket or bucket and let's head outside to pick something !!

Onions have been a great success, here you can see their bed before picking them, now they're drying, all the four kilos !!!! And I already used few of them, so it was more ! 

Here my tomatoes plants, unfortunately the summer here in Finland started only one week ago ... so now I have rather big plants, but only flowers and few tiny green tomatoes ( which probaly will never become ripe, but still a satisfaction )

And here peppers (too cold, not even the flowers) and cucumbers.
Cucumbers just like tomatoes have started growing just lately, but since they need lower temperatures we already have few of them almost ready and few more growing.

Here my spring onions, words can't describe how much I love them in salads !! I'm using them all the time !


Here few of our peas, very good harvest !

And here a look of some mixed goodies picked for some day's lunch, onion, garlic leaves, carrots and baby spinach.

And strawberries !! We had plenty of big sweet strawberries ! Unfortunately today we picked the last two, but I still have a frozen bag that I use for smoothies and vegan ice cream ( If you might like some recipe, just drop me a note )

And again carrots and greenbeans 

... and the most lovely carrots ever ! When I picked them I couldn't believe my eyes and came in calling all the family to show my sweet treasure !
I have no idea how this happens :)

In the next days I will show you some of the berries we have been picking in the nearby forrest and the ways I'm using them :)
If you might like please visit my older 'stroll in the garden', just check the archives.
Hopefully you enjoyed this visit. 

Have a great week everybody !

4 commenti:

  1. Wow, c'é proprio un po' di tutto, che soddisfazione! E le due carote innamorate/abbracciate sono davvero una meraviglia. :)
    un caro saluto a tutti!

    1. Una grande soddisfazione, ho studiato per settimane per riuscire ad adeguare i tempi rispetto alle temperature locali, i miei sforzi sono stati premiati ! :) Un saluto anche a tutti voi !

  2. That's a great carrot! I want the garden to last and last!

    1. Pom Pom that was the best carrot ever ! Yes I wish I could grow something in winter too, but here is too cold for that! Have a lovely week! :)


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