martedì 25 agosto 2015

Gifts from the forest

As much as I feel I don't fit finnish society at all, I truly and deeply enjoy the wild nature and the strong connection that here human beings have with it.
Here almost everybody grows vegetables ( those who live in the cities usually have family country houses ) and picking berries and mushrooms is the 'national sport' during the summer and the early autumn. In the four year I have been living here I have learned a lot about wild berries, something that was totally unknown to me, as I grew up in Rome to move later in my life little south from Rome. No forest of course, eventually something more similar to the desert :).
So here I am, to show you the bountiful harvest we had this year from the generous forest, I'd say in total we picked something like 12kg of berries in different day\places.

I already talked about strawberries. I can't really say how many we picked, but for a month we ate plenty of them every single day and still we have a frozen bag for smoothies and such.

Blueberries ...

Red currant, 1,5 kg ! and black currant (unfortunately no picture of it ) 500gr

Cherries, two kilos !

again blueberries ( I didn't check the weight )

Gooseberries, red and white 5kg !!!
Amazing isn't it ? I feel grateful and provided for. And the beauty of it all it's incredible !
Such a huge blessing !

In the next days I will show the use I have done with my beloved berries.

Have a nice week!

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  1. Oh what a fabulous berry haul; they look like pots of jewels, they're so pretty!

    1. You're right ! They're gems from from the forest ! Thank you for visiting !

  2. You have enough stuff (and so much more) to make wonderful jams, pies... Miam, miam, as we way in french. Have a nice sunday!

    1. I did a lot of jams and blueberry muffins and syrups ( those you mix with water ) and a lot of them went straight to the freezer for later use ! I'm so happy of my berries ! Have a lovely week !


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