lunedì 31 agosto 2015


Hello dear ones !
So following my berries' post here the natural sequel, PRESERVING !!!
I grew up in Rome and my mom didn't enjoy cooking so in my childhood I don't have memories of jam making or canning or anything like that. When I became a mother I took my own path and trying to leave off the land has become a dream of mine. Even if I'm in no way close to make this dream come true, in the last 10 years I have always had a vegetables garden and when picking and harvesting wild fruits, berries and nuts in the nature. So preserving and canning the goodies I was so kindly provided for has become a real priority and a lot of fun for me. I'm kinda of addicted :) ! I'm passing the knowledge to my doughters ( I'm not sure if they're enjoying it as much as I do eheheheh ) so we work alongside most of the time. Here some pictures of the current preserving season ( almost at its end here in the far north ).

Milla and Gaia cleaning and sorting the berries

Cooking the fruit according to what I am doing ( syrups or jams )

And then here we are straining the cooked fruit before adding sugar or pectine or whatever it is needed. As you see I always try to be rather thrifty, so only bought this straining cloth ( I couldn't find the right fabric at home ) but not the strainer and I invented my own method. It worked very well !

And here a part of my production !! Lovely isn't it ? Some of them will be sold, some will be stored and some will be lovely gifts. 
I'm so so grateful for this earth hosting us little humans. We should treat her better because sure she is is providing us with a top quality service.
Please if you want to share you canning journey leave a link in the comment or if you might enjoy to know more about mine don't esitate to ask.

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  1. Nice production indeed, you're doing a good job! Have a nice day.

  2. This little message is aimed at wishing you and your family a sweet week-end and a nice week to come!


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