sabato 21 novembre 2015

First snow

Tonight the magic happened again. The water turned into snow and sugar coated the world. May the miracle of snow bring peace to our lives, as we slow down our pace to wonder, nose up to the sky, if the white falling might really be the feathers of angel's wings, as we used to believe as children....

Have a peaceful and happy sunday dear ones !

2 commenti:

  1. Same to you and your family! Snow is always something magical, but in my region, for many winters, we've had very little or no snow at all.

    1. I lived for 34 in Rome (or near Rome). It snowed twice in more than three decades ! One when I was 10 and the second when I was 34 !!!!
      Now I can hardly believe that I have snow for months every year :-)
      Have a wonderful week !


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