lunedì 15 dicembre 2014

It's over

Yesterday's rush was the 'grand finale' of our december's efforts. Yesterday we had the last opening of the year and my oldest doughter had her Christmas dance show. Both have been absolutely great. In the five hours of the opening we had probably around 150 guests, among them some really lovely people with whom we exchanged personal contacts to keep in touch and meet again. An incredible experience. Then at 15:30 off we went to the dance show. Great as usual with the same little tear shed by this mommy heart.
Yesterday evening, sitting on the sofa, me and Gaia just realized that all the busyness of the last 6-8 weeks has gone and we feel a bit lost. You know the feeling ... you work hard, hurrying from one task to another, mumbling that 'never ever again...' and when it's over you're ready to start again, you wish you could start again, you feel you NEED to start again ... :) there's probably a strange creature living in my head isn't it ?
But well, I'm trying to focus on the fact that saturday will be the solstice, THE SOLSTICE !!! and it means that we made it once again. The light will overcome the darkness, days will get longer and longer everyday and in few weeks the world will be again an easier place to be. The miracle of life, the circle of our existence. I can only bow humbly my head in front of such great creation and Creator.

Following the light

sunrise at 9:18
sunset at 15:06
hours of daylight 5:48
1 minute less then yesterday
In one week ( 8dec-15dec ) we have lost 12 minutes of daylight.

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