martedì 16 dicembre 2014

Why you moved to Finland ?

If i could have one euro for every time someone asked me this question in the last three years I'd be a millionaire. It seems that the decision to move from Italy to Finland is mind blowing for most of the people I meet. So I started thinking about it quite a lot lately. I don't alwas get along with finnish ways or society. And of course I miss many things and many people from Italy, after all it'smy homecountry. And I couldn't have the life I was dreaming moving here ... so why am I here ? Well today I got a reminder of the reason.

 This is today's sunset. The picture has been taken at 14:30. Wild. No, I mean WILD.
Such beautiful sight, pure, bright, clear ... and absolutely dreadful, if you think that at 15:00 it's night, and I mean NIGHT. And there's no way to change this. It's the nature, the divine, the creation and we can only accept this. As we can only accept the cold, the ice, the snow and the summer's nightless nights. It's the nature taking the lead and reminding us little humans that we're just this, little small creatures mostly powerless. And powerfull at the same time when we overcome all this, and maybe we can even enjoy it.
Northern lands make you feel like you're your own hero, year after year, solstice after solstice you survive the wild wheel of seasons trying to be a part of it and not an enemy, you learn how to flow and accept.
Here in the wild north I'm learning so much about my relationship with nature and life and cycles,
and probably all this is well worth moving.

Following the light today
sunrise at 9:19
sunset at 15:06
hours of daylight 5:47
one minute less then yesterday

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