sabato 20 dicembre 2014


Laughing is a great gift. Today I will share few images that made me laugh out loud or smile very big !!

Our Christmas tree didn't survive at the stove, too hot even if it was of course not so close at it.
I think somehow the tree it was charming isn't it ?
Of course today we replaced it, hopefully the new one will last until the end of the festive season :)

Fun with the little one ! 
There's nothing better then let a little one take the lead to experience some big fat fun ;)
New decoration on the terrace. Looks like a fairy tale. When I went out to take few pics my face opened in a smile without my mind deciding it. I guess my heart took control of all my muscles and acted consequently :)
Sunrise 9:23
Sunset 15:07
hours of daylight 5:44
One minute less, one day to go.


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