giovedì 11 dicembre 2014

Loviisan Joulu or Christmas chocolate

This coming weekend we'll open again our house. As member of LWT ( Loviisa's old houses association ) ww joined for the first time this year the Christmas opening of the old houses. So I spent the day preparing chocolate and various sweets along with my lovely doughters as well finishing few of my knitted and crocheted creations that I will (hopefully) sell. Open the house is a lot of work but a lot of fun too. You get to know, meet and talk with litterally hundreds of people in two days ( the first weekend at some point there were 72 people in our not-so-big living room and kitchen !!!!!) , some people might think it's a nightmare, but our family loves it, even James ( 2 years and half ) is very pleased of all the coming and going. So the whole family works together to make it a perfect day, I must say we're a very good team now :)
Here some pics of today's sweets ...

Yummi isn't it ?

But let's follow the light now
sunrise at 9:13
sunset at 15:07
hours of daylight 5:54
two minutes less than yesterday

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