sabato 14 febbraio 2015

Chocolate book TAG

Here again with another book tag along with my dear doughter Gaia . The book tag today is as sweet as Valentine day can be .... btw Happy Valentine Day
So here we are :

Dark Chocolate : a book with a hard content ( death, loneliness, depression ... )

Torey Hayden's One Child. I read this book when I was little more than a teenager and it was one of the reasons why I studied in university to be a early intervetion therapist. Beautiful book, but very hard to bear as all the Hayden books, since they are about her experiences with 'difficult' children .

White chocolate : an easy read

When I just want to relax  I usually ask my doughter for one of her book of this dance series ''Scuola di danza''. They are meant for a very young target, but I find them really nice and very well written, so my favourite easy read indeed.

Milk Chocolate : a book everybody's talking about and you can't wait to read

Oh, I have to skip this one, I have a very personal way to chose a book, and the sinply fact that a lot of people is talking about a book it's an enough good reason for me to read it.

Caramel Chocolate : a book that made you feel 'sticky', you couldn't part with it until it was finished 

Probably most of the books I read made me feel like this, the one that comes on my mind now is Shantaram from Gregory David Roberts whih I read in very few days, considering how big is the book.

Kit-Kat without wafer : a book that surprised you

Maybe Doris Lessing's Diaries of Jane Somers. My mother gave this book and she was all hype about this, and somehow this made me feel a bit skeptical about it ( We usually don't have matching literary tastes ), but then, of course it was really good ( well we're speaking about Doris Lessing ! )

Snickers : Crazy for that book

There is this book that I bought probably more than 10 years ago, and as it very often happens because it has a cover that could really catch me ( a red barn, with blue sky in the italian translation ), that turned out to be a real gem : Robert Boswell's 'Mistery Ride'. Beutiful book, incredibly beautiful.

Marshmellow hot chocolate : a book you'd choose for a relaxing reading

The first Harry Potter books. Especially the first three books are quite 'easy' to ready.  

Chocolate box: a series good for everybody's tastes

Fred Vargas Adamsberg series, nice books, a little of mistery, a little of detective story, a little of love, very well written, I think by now I read it all at least three times. Highly recommanded.

If you want to join us in this book tag just leave a link in the comment and we will very happy to visit you !

Have a nice sunday everybody ! 

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