martedì 3 febbraio 2015

It's a kind of magic ....

After three days of snow the world looks much better. I can't stop  looking outside and grabbing the camera for just one more shot and finding excuses to get out for a moment to enjoy the outdoor. This is our fourth winter here in Finland and I can't still get used to the magic that happens with the snow. I love nature, I love God's creation, I love to be a part of it. Never a dull moment when living in awe and gratitude.
( And yes, of course I know that bad things do exist and yes, I have my share of problems and concerns and why not anger, but I want and I need to focus on the good )

And now few pictures from today.

Crocheted snow flakes in the entrance 

Outside in the garden. I still can't believe something can be so beautiful.

... country road take me home ...

And the sun decided to come out at some point. Glittering and shining and glowing are just few of the words that started popping on my mind at this sight.
 And such a huge gratefulness for all this.

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  1. Beaufiful pictures! I do envy the quantity of snow you may have in Finland, where it influences the way of life, of course. We've only had very very little snow so far this winter (it lasted one hour), and it's true we're not prepared for more... Thanks for your comments on my blog. It's always very pleasant to read them. Do you allow me to write a poste in which I could put a link to your blog to present it to my french web-friends? Have a nice day!

    1. Thank you ! I can understand you,I'm Italian and until 2010 I have been living in Rome or Rome area, I had seen snow there three times and it lasted few hours, but the city was collapsing. Here we can actually enjoy the snow ( even if of course it means a lot of digging :) ). Btw of course you can write about my blog, it's very nice of you. Have a nice day you too !

  2. Proprio come ci si immagina la Finlandia...
    un caro saluto a tutti


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