giovedì 5 febbraio 2015

Upcycle part two : crocheted jar covers galore

Ok, when it comes to crocheting and decorating, things get very easily out of hand. So after my first jar cover I was so excited that I had to make another one, and another one,and another one ... I'm very satisfied, two of the jars are the one I use for flour and sugar. The third one, smaller, doesn't have a use already, but I have few ideas buzzing in my head for it ( and the others I might do ... ups ... ). ut here few pictures ...

Here the four of them on the kitchen cabinet

The smaller one, made with some leftover yarn (baby bamboo, my favourite ) in shade from red to yellow

And the bigger ones, on the left with the pinkish string  for sugar, on the right with the white string for flour. In my opinion they look very nice and give the kitchen a much cozier feeling ...
Do you like to make beautiful things for your home? Let's share few ideas !

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