domenica 8 febbraio 2015

Chocolate boy

This little boy of mine seriously stole my heart. He is a funny little boy, altruistic, joyful, helpful and yet stubborn and indipendent. It has been quite fun for me to witness his growth and think to some of the comment I got for my parenting ways. Co-sleeping, breastfeeding ( 2 years and 7 months now ), carring him in slings and carriers for around one year ( then HE decided it was time to walk ) had to lead this little boy to be selfish, despot and forever dependent on me for whatever need or whim. To my delight this little one is always eager to help ( mom wait, I come and help - it's usual wording in every circumstance of daily life, from cooking, to laundry, to cleaning ... ), to share, to hug and kiss and play, and to do by himself. At 2 and half he can use a knife ( a real one, not very sharp but just a regular IKEA knife ), scissors and teeth brush and get himself a sendwich with chocolate spread or butter. Definetly I'm happy I followed my heart once again, more deeply and more freely than with my other four older children; this allowed us freedom, joy, peace and of course didn't hurt the personality of the chocolate boy :)

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