lunedì 23 febbraio 2015

Happy Birthday Milla

Eleven years ago today I gave birth to my fourth child and second doughter, Milla. She was born by a (unnecessary ) c-section and she was born laughing. Yep, this child of mine, as soon as the doctor pulled her out started laughing surprising all the doctors and nurses and midwife in the room '' the baby is laughing'' they wishpered to each other, reduced to silence by this tiny being. My sweet girl as lost a bit of her smiling habit in last years, moving here unfortunately contributed big time in quench her smile and easiness at laugh, but still I love to tell her the story of her happy and peculiar birth.
So today we celebrated her special day. Gaia organized all the party, decorations and such, I cooked a storm and we let her just have a special day filled with laziness and presents and smiles and love. Here some pics from today ...

Tha table is set for the day since the night before

Gaia made all the decorations and hand-sew the nice cotton bags filled with candies

Milla opening the morning presents 
( as family we prefer to keep the presents small but more of them, than one bigger )

Getting ready to blow the candles
(Milla asked for tiramisu')

I love them, their silly faces, their growing together and becoming the woderful persons they are.

 My people, the best sight on earth ( and beyond )

James helping Milla blowing the candles.

Happy birthday my sweet Milla
I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.
Thank you for being yourself and bringing joy o this family.

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  1. Happy birthday to your daughter from France! If there is some tiramisu left, I'm ok for it LOL!

    1. Thank you ! heheheh unfortunately tiramisu has gone :)

    2. What a pity! Have a nice day.


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