martedì 12 maggio 2015

A stroll in the garden

With this post I will start a series about my garden. Here in the north we can enjoy very few months of gardening, so it is worth to save pictures and stories to look at during the many months in which the garden is only mud and\or snow. I will feature in these posts either my vegetables patch, either my flower beds and fairies gardens and the wild flowers.
As the outdoor season is just beginning ( and even quite slowly, we still have mostly rainy and grey days with temp hardly arriving at 10C ) today I will show the first things we have done.
For this year I am planning to get as much as I can from this little patch of mama earth I have been given, so I have studied a lot, planned a lot and I am keeping a journal of everything 'vegetable related'. The house is full with growing plant waiting for the right moment to be put outside and I am carefully writing down when the seeds sprout, how much they're growing, to keep as memento and as a useful tool for the years to come.

Yarnbomebed tree with an old barbeque, now a nice fairy garden on its own.
Ladybugs are still smiling at us ....

Here the first flags... I have much more to hang outside ... I love flags, Ilove making them, I love watching them lift up to the sky my preyers and hopes, my love for this life and for this world.

Here the firepit, newest addition of this year, we're looking forward to many roasted marshmellows in there !

Here the vegetables beds. Onions .
(50 bulbs more or less )

One of the two huge rhubarb plants 

Strawberries bed, 25 or so plants put down.

Here the small bed, ready for the aromatic plants ( we're waiting for the temp to rise little more )

 And to happily end today's stroll, here the wild beauties that year after year grow in my garden.
What a huge blessing to receive such a wonderful gift every spring without having to do anything !

Have a good week !

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  1. Thank you very much for this very positive and hopefull post! I'm looking forward to following the different steps to come in your garden and wishing you a happy end of week. Evelyne

    1. I'm happy you liked walking in my garden :) I will try to post every week an update of my beloved vegetables, flowers and decorations.
      Thank you for your nice words, I'm always so happy to read your comments ! Happy weekend to you too !


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