lunedì 18 maggio 2015

Show time

Last weekend was a busy one here on the Omena Puu. My oldest doughter had her spring dance show and my husband takes care of the music, so basically the two of them have been gone for 2 full days ( saturday and sunday ) and today's whole morning. We've been blessed by a very springish day during the weekend, so the five of us here at home managed to get a lot of fun on our own. And of course sunday evening we attended the spring show as well, which was really beautiful and of course moving for this mama-heart.
But here few pictures from our special weekend ...

Seba and Milla with their bubble machine are creating a dream fairy garden ...

Pure magic ...

Milla and James

Seba and James

So beautiful ! 

Gaia soon before the show

These pictures are from the contemporary group coreography. It was a 25 minutes long coreography danced on Sibelius music. Two of four musics were played live by a string quartet, so very complicated ...

Here the Street Dance group. No pic during the coreography, it was only two minutes long and very fast, I didn't want to miss it trying to 'catch it' with the camera. An exercise of mindfulness ;)

Here the end with all the groups

And here my quintet ... my most favourite people on earth.

How was your weekend ? Hopefully you enjoyed a good one !

Have a nice week lovely people <3

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  1. Too cute this picture of your 5 children, you're doing a good job! Have a nice week too. Evelyne

    1. Thank you ! It's very rare to have a picture of the five of them. One of my boys ( the tallest ) usually doesn't let me take picture of him, this has been a joyful exception.


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