martedì 19 maggio 2015

A stroll in the garden

Here we are for a new stroll about my garden. For the previous one here it is .
So a week went by, we mostly had rain and cold so I couldn't really make much outside, but still something has been done and my beloved plants have started growing happily ( or at least making ME very happy lol ).
But please, put on your comfy gardening boots or shoes and follow me outside. Never mind taking your jacket, today we have blu sky and +15 C !!!

Just out the front door the small bed will host aromatic plants. Still waiting for the weather to warm up a bit more, but we filled it.

In another old barbeque we  planted some strawberries.
 A little duck in ceramic is enjoying it.

Grass has started growing

Near peas and greenbeans bed we put another one that will host spinach and carrots.

Rhubard is growing. I circled it with few big stones. 
I can't wait to start making pies and syrups.

The real firepit is become more alike to the one in our minds :)

Onions are growing really well !

Stawberries ( in the bed ) and gooseberries ( the bush ) are in great shape !

Tulips are such a joy !

Poppies are about to blossom

And all of a sudden the trees are green ! Really, in Finland spring is amazing. One day everything is all brown and muddy and sad and next morning everything is green and you can't believe all this could happen overnight. It's so much different from Italy, where the seasons are not SO dramatically different and one slips in the other slowly. Here they are so different and so sudden !!

Ok this is a bit off topic, but the first pic is my road as it is right now and few of my favourite flowers :) the oldest, the youngest and one of the 'middles'.

What about you ? Do you have a garden ? Flowers, vegetables or both ?

Happy Gardening !

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