martedì 26 maggio 2015

A stroll in the garden

Hello dear friends ! First of all I wanted to thank you my new readers and all the lovely people who visited here in the last few days, a lot of you ! Thank you again and again and please feel free to leave a comment, I truly love to connect and make new friends !
Here we are today for a new stroll in my garden. If you want to see the garden in the past weeks here our first walk and here the second.
But let's start ....

Old and new decorations. The garden is getting always more lovely.
The weather is getting a better: sun, higher temperature and very long days
( it's 23:13 and still no night ! Just a bit darker ) and finally my vegetables are growing ( ok, beside spinach and carrots ... very cold rain soon after I put the plants on earth and the little ones didn't make it ... )

Close to the steps, near the door strawberries and garlic

Greenbeans and peas

In the second bed spinach and carrots ...

The first rhubarb bush. Time for pies and syrups !!!

Onions are getting bigger and bigger

  Onion and strawberries bed, gooseberries bushes, huge rhubarb flowers

Ever changing wild flowers ....

And one of the two small greenhouses to host the most delicate thing
(tomatoes, peppers ...... )

I really love how the garen is taking shape, a lot of work but so worth, and I an't wait to taste the first things !

Hopefully you enjoyed our walk. See you agaon in one week.

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  1. I enjoyed walking in your garden, indeed. Thanks for the post and see you soon!


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