sabato 9 maggio 2015


Lately all the family has been involved in a major decluttering. With the spring we all felt the urge to simplify, to get rid of 'things' filling our house and stealing our space and time. The good thing is that I didn't forced anybody, I started and all the children followed along. It has been really freeing. We are home and you can always hear someone saying '' ... do we really need this !? ... and you know something will go either on the trash, or in the 'sale' bag, or in charity bag. The only thing I was a bit concerned were all the clothing stuff. Something is too old or stained or damaged to sale or give away, but I always felt guilty to simply throw it. So one day I thought to start reducing those items in stripes and making balls to crochet or knit, but the reality is that I have a quite big stash of yarns and I knew right away that probably I would never choose them over wool or cotton for my projects ... and an idea started taking shape in my mind ... what about baskets and bowl and pot-holders ? But not knitted or crocheted, somethin that is new to me ... so my adventure in sewing baskets started and now I'm addicted ! I love striping down well worn and loved clothes, choosing nice colours and sewing and sewing and stopping and marveling at the beauty that comes out of it . The only downside is that my hands and fingers right now are quite sore but so worth it ! I'm replacing plastic ones with the newly handmade, saving some for making presents and I will sell the others (more details about this later on ). And of course I love teasing my kids a bit ... when they worriedly ask me 'but the dark shirt you just striped wasn't my favourite black one  isn't it ? '' ... well I always answer ... ''who knows ? Did you leave it around ? Because I don't come and pick clothes from your closet ... '' eheheheh (mischief mama face here ).
Before showing few pics of my lovely baskets I wanted to wish all the fellow moms reading my blog
Happy Mother's day to all of you !!!

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  1. I had never heard of that, how original and nice! Have a beautiful sunday. Evelyne

    1. Thank you ! I'm totally in love with my basket making right now :) so relaxing and creative. My sunday was good indeed, hopefully so was yours :)


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