martedì 2 giugno 2015

A stroll in the garden

Here we are again for our weekly stroll in my garden. Today I'm pretty satisfied, this evening I worked really hard for more than three hours digging and planting and mulching and finally enjoying the result. I can say that finally the garden is ready ( beside the salads beds, which I'll put down at the beginning of august when we will be back from Italy ) and now it's time to care and wait and enjoy :)
Before starting today's walk, here the link of the three previous stroll we had here, and here, and here. And now just grab you gardening shoes and follow me ...

 Finally my herbs bed is ready. Garlic on front and back, onion on the side and basil, sage, cilantro and thyme.

 Strawberries in the barbeque are growing and so our little 'snail' garden

Gooseberries bushes are luscious

 The strawberries in the big bed are growing and are full of blossoming buds. Can't wait to taste the first strawberries !!!

I mulched the onion bed using sawdust. The local wood store( which happens to be just few hundreds metres away ) has huge quantity of sawdust and you can take it for free, so we indulged eheheh.

Rhubarb is blooming as well and it's already huge and beautiful.

On the other side of the garden the peas and greenbeans bed ...

And spinach and carrots

And from this picture you can notice another new addition : I put down the potatoes today (and mulched with sawdust again )

It was meant to be a square, but the shape it's a bit more ... fanciful....

Wild flowers galore !!!!

And also today we finished our walk. I was thinking, it would be nice if someone might fancy to join me in this adventure. Maybe you don't have a big garden but only vases on the balcony, or maybe you have a big and serious farm or a homestead to support your family. Whatever it is, I'd love to come for a 'walk',so please if you feel like, just leave a link in the comments and I'll come and visit with great pleasure.

Have a wonderful week !

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  1. You seem to have what we call in french "la main verte" (a green hand). Have a nice day!


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