martedì 16 giugno 2015

A stroll in the garden

After one week off, here we are again for a relaxing stroll in the garden. The weather is rather cold, windy and rainy so a lot of my vegetables are not growing ( I have tomatos, pepperoni, cucumbers and salad in a small greenhouse, but it's not enough ) but anyways I'm satisfied of the look of my garden this summer ... so off we go ...

As you can see in the pictures, spinach, carrots and peas are growing quite well, 
greenbeans are struggling, still alive but not very lively so to say.
Potatoes have been put down late, so I guess it's kinda normal that they're not growing yet. Rhubarb is gorgeous, has blossomed so beautifully, but I can't remember if I'm supposed to cut the flower at some point or not. I haven't until now because of the great amount of bees, so I thought it was better to keep the bee restaurant open for a while more, but if you have any insight about, please share it with me !
Strawberries, onions and gooseberries are the ones thriving better in this year's climate, as you can see. But what it's really incredible right now it's the trees. They're all blooming and I wish I could make you smell them too other than seeing them. It's just a piece of heaven on earth, believe me.
Well, wish me and my garden some more sun and warmth, and see you next week !

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