lunedì 1 giugno 2015

Precious and fragile

This morning we decided to go all together at the local thrift store, a place we really like to visit. The store is right in front of a supermarket. As we got out from the car we saw there was a small crowd on the sidewalk just out of the supermarket with someone lying on the concrete, blood pooling around the head. Few seconds before our arrival this older man fell from the steps at the entrance of the market and violently bumped his head. He was there. Still. His legs still on the steps. Not moving or talking. Just bleeding. Several cell phones started calling the emergency number for an ambulance. But everybody else was silent, hands on mouths in disbelief. After few minutes the man on the ground slowly moved a hand. At that point people gathered closer, still very careful not moving his head or neck or spine but softly patting his back, telling him everything was going to be fine. Finally the ambulance arrived. We entered the store quite shaken.
It's night now but I can't get the image of the man out of my mind. It seemed all so unfair. But yet I know that it's not me to decide what it is right or wrong on earth. My thought flying to my far away relatives, how worried i am everyday and yet knowing that here or there, whatever will be, will be. And again my memory goes few days back, a friend with the sad habit of abusing alcohol and other things, how this is destroying his otherwise good life, and I can't help to compare him with the poor man whose life has been at risk ( or taken ? Hopefully not ) because his feet slip on the concrete. But then, who am I to judge ? Who am I to say who is righteous and who's not ? How strange this life can be. And how precious and fragile. And our only hope, and our only way is to live it in love, and for each other and with compassion for our fellow human beings. All so precious and fragile. All made of darkness and light. May our life be filled with love and lived in love. Blessed be and blessed do. God, the greater good, might keep us all in His almighty arms.

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  1. Some events remind us that life is precious and fragile indeed. Thanks for sharing those feelings...


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