lunedì 22 giugno 2015

A stroll in the garden

I love so much our walk in the garden. I am so pleased to say that many people come and visit with me during our weekly stroll and I want to thank all of you for your support.
That's why I'm a bit sad to say that for the next 4 or 5 weeks I won't be able to show you around my garden because next sunday ( the 28th ) we will leave for Italy. I will keep updating the blog and Instagram ( probably not so often ) but of course I'l be few thousand of kilometres away from here. But well, let's take a careful look at the garden today, and in little more than one month we will see how much it has changed.... Grab your gardening shoes, and follow me !!!

 Peas and carrots are growing so well, greenbeans are struggling a bit, this year we're having a very cold, cloudy and rainy summer...

Potatoes are growing ! And yes I need to get rid of all those weeds, hopefully it will stop rain in the next days .

Spinach are slowly coming. Few carrots too, but many plants have died in the colder days.
( we had days with a temps around 10C degree ... )

Gooseberries and strawberries are growing so well ! I hope to still find them when I'll be back !

Onions are a joy ! And the sawdust mulching is preventing the weeds ! Hooray !!!

 More strawberries and herbs\garlic patch ! Have you ever tried garlic leaves ? I did today, finely chopped few centimetres and added to the salad with parsley ... GREAT !!!!

Few picture from the greenhouse, rucola,sunflower, spring onions, tomatoes and cucumbers. All of them are struggling in spite of being in the greenhouse, is definetly too cold ...

Wild flowers galore !! I still can't get used to the abundance of wild flowers we have, they constantly change from week to week. Such a joy !

And before saying goodby for a while a little treat for all of you living in more southern places. A picture I took yeasterday when finally the rain stopped ( to start again today ... ). The sun was shining still very high in the sky ... and it was almost 10pm ( 22:00)... midsummer in the north ....

I want to wish you all a very nice summer dear friends, our stroll in the garden will start again in august.

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  1. Thanks for this new and pleasant stroll. I was glad to read that you're going to Italy soon. You and your family must be looking forward to seeing your family and country again? Have a nice day!

    1. Oh we're very happy to go ! We love to travel with the caravan, and of course we're so happy to meet our family and friends again and eat some italian food ! So exciting ! Have a nice weekend !

  2. It all looks very green and lush - at least the rain is good for something!

    1. Rain sure helps on the green side ! Thank you for visiting !

  3. Thank for the tour of your garden. Enjoy your trip, and safe travels.


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