martedì 20 gennaio 2015


My birthday yesterday has been probably the most beautiful of the last 20 years. Really. A relaxing day, filled with laughs, junk food, lovely things and nice surprises.

In the morning Gaia woke up earlier than everybody else to bake some heart shaped muffins for breakfast. When I joined her in the kitchen I found the table already set and with a nice parcel on my place.
When everybody was up we ate all together and I opened my gifts. One was from my family and the other was a *self-made-present* on behalf of my mother.

After a lazy ( for me) morning spent crocheting and chatting with Gaia who was busy baking the cheesecake for the party, we went out to eat. We decided to do to the temple of junk-food : RAX. At a reasonable price you can fill your plate from the buffet as many times as you want. It's a good place to go few times a year, very family friendly, affordable even for *larger* families, children loves it and sure enough it builds up our immune system eheheheheheh.

We arrived back home from Porvoo soon before Gaia needed to go to her dance class, so we decided to make a dinner-party. When she came back we had dinner with bruschetta , chips and pop-corns, candies and cheesecake.

We took so many pictures, of the (not really anymore) children, of me and them, of the whole family, laughing and joking. really the best birthday ever. With such a good start, this 39 will be GREAT !!!!!!

in the morning

My presents : wool,hooks and rainbow buttons from myself on behalf of my mom,
and a smartphone !!! Wow ! I had an older cell phone I found at the second hand store 3 years ago when we moved here, I'm not much into cell-phones but this looks really nice and I'm sure it can do a lot of funny things ( as soon as I learn how to use it ... )

Gaia's cheesecake and the blowing moment

beautifully yummi !!!

and the best part of it all :

I love them all <3

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