venerdì 2 gennaio 2015


When my little one was about to arrive we bought for him a little bed, you know the usual 'fenced' ones, even if i already thought to co-sleep with him. Well the little bed has been just an additional closet for the last 2 years and half. Then few weeks ago he started asking about this odd and messy piece of furniture near mom and dad's bed and we told him it was his own bed that he could use whenever he wanted. So to sweetly encourage him my handy husband modified the little bed to be more suitable for the needs of a indipendent young boy. He took away one of the sides and lowered the bed at about 30cm from the floor so that Jimmy could go in and out at his own will. Jimmy seemed quite excited but he never even wanted to try to sit over it. Well no problem for us, we are enjoying our co-sleeping journey and we are ready and willing to give hime all the time he needs for this big stap ahead. Today we went in the nearby town in a departement store and as usual Jimmy was overly fascinated and attracted by Christmas lights. he asked us to buy a strand of colourful ( and unexpensive) led lights.We agreed and he came home proudly holding in his hand the box with the lights. When we arrived home he asked daddy to help him putting the lights around his bed. When we switched on the lights he Ohoooed with his blue eyes wide open and declared ' Now I can sleep in my bed' and laid in there under the blanket. It has been such a sweet moment. Well, no he is not sleeping in there now, but I can see a big step ahead in his journey and the just the way I wished it to happen, at his pace, in sweetness and acceptance.

 Jimmy for the first time in his bed

 We had to take away all the store bought dolls and teddy bears because james is afraid of them, he only likes this woolen dolls I make for him and loves them dearly

Wonderful isn't it ?
Just out from a fairy tale.

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