venerdì 9 gennaio 2015

Finished !!!

Just a very quick update, it's very late, but I'm so happy about my new finished project that I really want to share it :) ...

As I was working on this little project of mine I couldn't help but stopping from crocheting every now and then and admire the colours and the pattern that was freely flowing out of my fingers. I treated the yarn as I treat my watercolours, I chose them one after the other as they pleased my eyes and played with them, creating an appealing pattern ... which I wouldn't be able to repeat since it was just a spontaneous occurance.
But what was the purpose for this ? ...

Can you get the hint ?

Here it is !!!!
And I LOVE IT !!
My little black travel journal was in need of an upgrading heheheh ... I grew tired of its black and plain look and now it's fabolous don't you think ? 

p.s. If there's anybody out there, might you be so kind to drop me a line here ? The blog is rather new and I'd love to have some feedback about it :)

Thank you,

2 commenti:

  1. È bellissimo, complimenti! Sia i colori che anche l'idea... un journal se lo merita davvero, di essere ben custodito!
    un caro saluto

    1. Grazie! E grazie per la visita :)


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