domenica 18 gennaio 2015


In little more than one hour I will turn 39. It is strange. When I was 19 I was very excited to enter in my twenties, I knew I was going to get merried, get a house on my own, become a mother ... very exciting things.
When I was 29 I felt so sad and scared to be turning 30. I felt I wasn't 'so young' anymore, that chances and occasions and exciting things belonged to the past.
Now at ( almost ;) ) 39 I am so so excited at the idea to turn 40 next year. Yep call me crazy, but this new decade of my life that is about unfolding before my eyes will bring so many new things. I will see few of my children leave the nest, maybe getting married, and if I'm really blessed I might become a grandmother.
So this 39th birthday is somehow closing an era of my life. And as the grand finale of this third decade I want to make it special. I want to use my gifts, I want to share my joys, I want to love my children, I want to move in the direction of my dreams trusting they will become true.

39 beautiful things
  1. My five children
  2. My husband
  3. My mother
  4. My relatives
  5. My yellow wooden house
  6.  My caravan
  7.  My woodstove
  8. My garden
  9. Having lunch out every once in a while
  10. Waking up before everybody else
  11. Nature around me
  12. Traveling
  13. Lapland
  14. Tuscany
  15. Going to the bookstore 
  16. Baking bread
  17. Listening to the chit-chatting of the children in their room
  18. Trusting Jesus ( probably I had to put this in the top five ... )
  19.  Sunrises and ...
  20. ... Sunsets
  21. Snow
  22. Ferry trips
  23. Birds
  24. Hugs from my toddler boy
  25. Kisses from my toddler boy
  26. Talking seriously with my teenage boys
  27. Laughing out loud with my doughter
  28. Goodnight kiss from my youngest doughter
  29. Working together with my family 
  30. The secret language of the family
  31. Nature Journaling
  32. Watercolors
  33. Drawing
  34. Crocheting
  35. Knitting
  36. Taking pictures
  37. Learning something new
  38. Reading
  39. Being alive

Life is beautiful
God is good
Happy Birthday to me 

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