giovedì 1 gennaio 2015

First !!!

So here we are on year 2015. Many exciting things are going to happen. My oldest doughter will turn 15 in three short months. 15 !!! Where did the time fly ? My twin boys will be 13 in june, my youngest doughter will be 11 in less then 2 months and my little boy will turn three in june. In 18 days i will turn 39. All of us are about to start a new season in their life and I'm quite curious to find out what future holds for us.
Here some memories from yesterday and today.

I don't know why blogger keep turning this pic, but well, this was my last 2014 lunch, Gaia cooked it for me. She is so sweet and kind with me, I'm not sure I always deserve it ! It was delicious !

Me and Jimmy yesterday evening, Do you see my apron ? I was making pizza, as we always have pizza on New year's Eve

Traditional Italian meal of 1st of january, pork meat and lentils .
In general I follow a vegetarian diet but on special days or if someone is cooking for me I eat what I've been offered

Hot chocolate with whipped cream, marshmellows (?sp) and Christmas sweet as last holiday treat ( again my doughter made it for both of us, I know I'm a lucky gal :) )

2015 here I am, ready to live you at the fullest !!!!

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