martedì 6 gennaio 2015

Nature Journal

Few years ago I found out about nature journaling. I've always had journals, recording my experiences,feelings, prayers, Bible studies so the idea to dive in a new kind of journaling was very exciting for me. I started on 2010, when we were living in Tuscany, to collect wild flowers and plant and draw them or bring my journal with me in the woods or pic-nics. When we  moved here in Finland on 2011, I started  recording for months, beside everyday happenings, also weather, temperature and sunrise and sunset and kept drawing from nature. Then I bought few books from the marvellous Clare Walker Leslie, the two that really opened a new (journaling) world for me have been Keeping a Nature Journal , Drawn to nature through the journals of Clare Walker Leslie . 
Last march I decided it was time to upgrade my nature journaling to a new level, so I started my first 'real' nature journal. In it I record temperature, weather, shortly what it is happening nature-wise and then I sketch something and usually colour it with watercolours ( I really love watercolours ). Now after almost 10 months I can say my way of journaling it's not only about nature, I draw mostly houses or interesting landscapes, few animals and plants, very often the same subject in different seasons or time of the day ( I have drawn the same tree outside my bedroom window in every season now ) and I also like to keep track of the sun in peculiar moment of the year ( solstices and equinoxes ) since here in the north it changes dramatically ( we have 5 hourse of sunlight in late autumn and 20 hourse of sunlight in late spring).
Anyways, what I wanted to share today it's my latest entry, I'm especially proud of it, I really like the way It looks. It's a watercolour of our house as it looked the 30th of december.

Two work in progress pictures

The finished work

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