domenica 1 marzo 2015


Since I was a child I have always been very creative, and I have always loved drawing, painting and working with my hands. As a young adult I had so many dreams about my life, how to make a living from my real passions and skills and I'm pretty sure I might have succeeded if I didn't give up on my dreams because of other people expectations.
So when I became a mother 15 years ago ( almost) I always tried to nurture the creativity of my children. Their early childhood has been filled with glue, scissors, colors and dough, wool, yarn and papier-mache and whatever else can come to your mind. Now that they are older ( I mean the 4 older ones of course ) they all have an own creative life that of course not always, if ever, matches with my own interests. My children are into dance, minecraft, playmobil. Seldom one of them works with the wood or papier-mache or draws. I have to be honest, a couple of years ago this was very painful for me. Not only because I wished to pass them my knowledge,skills and passions, but mostly because I lost my creative buddies. But then, one morning, after they busied themselves upstairs in their big room for few hours the call you up with the camera, for some mementos of their last effort, and in a leap you realized that it might not be wool or watercolors, but surely you indeed passed them the burning fire of creativity, that one fire, I'm sure most of you know it, that makes you see the world around you in a total different way: a wonderful place filled with opportunities to create, to make beauty happen, to be happy in the work of your busy hands. Here what my camera captured a couple of morning ago ...

 After unbuilding most of their plamobil sets the painted and mixed them with wood and clay and what-not to create a fire station of their own.

 The fire station has many different room, filled with tiny details they build\make.
They prepare tiny food with clay\playdough, sew pillows for tiny beds, make doors and tiny books and newpapers for their firemen.They give birth to a whole world with their hands. It may not be made out of natural material as maybe i wished, but it is indeed a highly creative work.

 And there is the city on the side ( unfortunately you can't see in the pictures ) with hybrid houses made of playmobil houses with wooden roofs made by them and firefighter busy fighting fire, with books about firefighter open on the side to make it as realistic as possible in all the details.

I asked them to let me take a picture of them near their creation, but my boys declined, Milla instead accepted happily. So here she is, on behalf of her brothers Leo and Seba.
Way to go kids !

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  1. There's a french proverb that says "Séme, séme, il en restera toujours quelque chose...", meaning "sow, sow, something will always get out of it...". You've put some seeds of creativity into their mind, just wait and see. Here they are!


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