mercoledì 11 marzo 2015

Finally fine !

After five days of tragedy we're FINALLY FINE !!! Let's get back to saturday, we came back home from the hospital with poor little James still very tired and suffering. Then sunday came and as I was ready to listen my oldest doughter radio program ... I started being terribly sick ( be thankful, I'm sparing you the details ... ) and in middle of the night ... one of the older boys ... and monday morning oldest doughter ... and monday night ... second older boy !!!! Since our only toilet is downstairs all the children slept in the living room, on the sofa, armchairs and floor (!!!) and of course tuesday morning at 9:00 the plumber arrived unannounced ( in Italy when the say in the next days they never mean THE next day lol ). Probably he thought he was in some kind of horror movie ... five sick people, children sleeping everywhere .... he will never ever come again eheheheh.... But today ... Today we woke up fine, and outside the sun was shining, and the temp was +5 and ... we got out, some burgers on the way, some garden planning and shopping at a sale ( two small green houses and a nice decoration ) and once we got back home we had so many things done filled up with new energy and health. Here few pics from today ...

 Jimmy and Milla before getting out

 Seeds check

 Gaia and Jimmy working togeher on a gardening project 

 'Gimme a seed ! '

 Making the hole ...

 'Here your seeds'

 ' I put 'em there '

 Lovely sight !

Leo and Jimmy cuddling
(Leo doesn't want pics of him taken, this is the best he has allowed me to take ... )

Being healthy is such a blessing !!!!!

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