sabato 7 marzo 2015

{Yesterday's moment}

Yesterday I missed my ''moment''. I already had my picture selected. I already envisioned my peaceful evening with James sleeping beside me joining in this moment . But as the song says 'life is what happens to you while you busy make other plans'. The reality has been so different. James had some kind of stomach bug and ended up dehydrated and we've been rushed to the hospital 30km away and spent there the night with an IV infusion. So hard to see him crying and calling me for help when they were taking blood samples and putting in the IV without actually being able to ease his pain. I never let him cry in his whole life but tonight I had. So very hard. But now we're back home. He is better, but we need to keep him well hydrated.
Prayers, good vibes and positive thoughts ( whatever you feel more comfortable with) are more than welcome.

James in the hospital bed this morning.

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  1. Is he ok now? I hope so, poor little boy... Biz

    1. He is finally better, eating -almost- normally, jumping laughing and talking : bliss ! He is still a bit shaken from the experience but that shall pass too.
      Of course sunday one of my older boys and I we got sick, and monday oldest doughter and second boy !! But today we're back to normal too ! Thank you !


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