sabato 21 marzo 2015

Total Eclipse

Yesterday our 'astronomical week' has come to its glorious end. Actually I never planned this as astronomical week, but as unschooler I love letting life teaching us the right lessons at the right time.
So when tuesday we had the chance to admire the northern lights for the first time and in our own yard, questions started flowing almost no-stop and when I told my children that in the same week they could have the chance to see also an eclipse they were just eager to know more and more. And so we spent basically all the week learning about the solar system, the motion of the earth and of the other planets, the reason why the eclipse was happening and the northern lights were happening. Then on thursday we got ready for the big event prapring some homemade tool to watch the sun without any risk for our vision. We took that black film that you put on the glasses of the car and folded it 3 or 4 times and then we laminated it.
Friday morning we headed outside in the garden and waited, even if it was very cold and windy. But it sure was worth. I already experienced an eclipse, in Rome, in the summer of 1999, few weeks pregnant with my oldest doughter, with morning sicknesses in full swing. 16 years went by and there I was, in Finland, with my 5 children. It got me quite emotional and I told this story again and again while admiring what was happening above us. As 16 years ago, at some point the birds became quiet, and the light was dim. This time I had my Nikon and I tried to take few pics, but none of them showed what was happening, probably you need the right filter otherwise the sunlight it's so strong that the camera keep capturing the roundness of the sun even if the eye can clearly see the black spot becoming bigger and bigger and covering up all the sun. But here few pictures...

Have you enjoyed the eclipse ?

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