martedì 24 marzo 2015


In the last few days we experienced at least three different seasons. We went from spring, to winter to autumn. Of course we're not really pleased ... let's saying we were enjoying our early spring quite a lot, but of course whatever it comes it is right, so we simply changed our pace to 'cold' and implemented our indoor projects. After nearly four years living in Finland I am a bit tired of feeling cold all the time, and so is all my young crew, so everybody prefer to stay in waiting for the sun to come back ....

Can you imagine how deluded we've been when outside the window we saw snowflakes flying in all directions ? We closed the courtains. We didn't want to see it happens ...

 I was so disheartened that I started painting some fun cards summer-inspired ...
do you like them ? I think they're nice. I think I might make postcards out of them.

A child and a box. Poetry.

Sheep-day ! 
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later today.

 And here Milla and James are painting together, lovely !

How's your today ? Hopefully warm and joyful.

Have a nice day, dear friends !

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  1. It's the same in France, no defined season. Today, we're in springtime, with sun and a clear sky but it might snow tomorrow, who knows?!! Have a nice day!

    1. My relatives in Italy told me it's the same there, where my mother lives (in Italy) there has been wind at 80km\h !!! Here we have strong wind and cold cold cold, again below zero. I'm dreaming of summer ! Have a lovely day !


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