martedì 3 marzo 2015

Just today.

Every day is somehow a special day. Special doesn't mean always happy of course. Sometime a day it's just plain hard, like it was today for me. But being hard doesn't make it less special anyways. When the night falls, and the little one is peacefully asleep beside me and the chit-chatting of the older children quiet down, I take the luxury to come here in this little spot of mine and maybe check at the pictures in my camera and find the beauty that lies in an ordinary day.

 'How much does it weight ? '
Far from understanding how a scale works or being able to use it properly, James for sure already grabbed the concept of weight and the use of the scale. It seems that his light was weighting '10'.
Ten what it's not for us to know :)

 This little booklet it's something I'm very proud of. James was sad about something so to calm him and comfort him I made a drawing of Jimmy-Santa Claus (Babbo natale in italian ) since he has been declaring since Christmas that he is Santa Claus and keeps wearing the same Santa Claus outfit day in and day out ( we have to wash it in the evening and put it back in the morning, or on harder night we have to dry it with a hair drier or in front of the woodstove). He was so pleased at it that I decided to make a small booklet for him with him as protagonist. The drawing has been kept ver simple purposely, his imagination can fill the details and I wanted to make it in few minutes so that the magic of the moment wouldn't fade. After drawing and writing I hand sewed the pages together. It's really nice and James loved it '' You did it for me mom !''

 Gaia has been studying the human cell for science, here she is painting a model of a cell made out of FIMO modeling clay
 Of course James was at her side painting his own project ...
 And Milla, after working a bit with her loom-band decided to model something out of FIMO as well.
 Here Seba, the big tease! was working with regular rubber bands in a big sized circular loom. He always has the craziest ideas !
And while we were all working on our projects ... it started snowing !
Oh we do love snow ... but not now ! Not in march when we were ready to enjoy spring ! Not this year, with the very mild winter we had ! Hopefully this has only been a tail of  winter ...

So this was just today.
Pretty amazing isn't it.
Try and look at one of your days. 
Just pick one.
Not a special one.
Not your birthday.
Not a holiday.
Just an ordinary day.
Even a bit sad.
And look at it before falling asleep.
Wonders will disclose before your eyes.
Not such a thing as an ordinary day exist.
As all of our life is just extraordinary.

Blessed be and blessed do my dear.

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