giovedì 12 marzo 2015

In the garden

Today it was a wonderful day, tamps were a bit lower than yesterday (-2 in the early morning, then probably around 3 or 4 ) but the sky was clean and the sun was shining and we just decided to have new family routines which include working in the garden together for at least one hour every nice day. So after breakfast and some family creative writing we all headed outside to enjoy the day, the company and work ....

Seba and Milla are pruning a bush

James is checking everybody's work ...

Leo is breaking the ice

Again Leo and Gaia are breaking the ice

Working together is a gift

Seba's antennas .... ( the ant-boy )

New roof for the neighbours ! Incredible how they took it away with the crane all together !

James painted this spring flower once back in.
Green is his favourite colour at the moment.

Such a good blessed day. Hopefully just the first of a lot of them !

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