lunedì 16 marzo 2015

Wonders of a sunny day

We've been blessed by another sunny day. In the last week or so we got an incredibly beautiful weather, the snow is basically gone ( except for few scattered piles in the shadow in gardens or on the side of the less traveled roads. This good weather really encourage us to keep up with our newly established routine to include some outside work every morning. So today after some table work we all headed outside for some more pruning and rocks picking. During our chores the children had the chance to see something really unusual: they removed a bigger rock and under it there was a ant nest with all the ants sleeping in hybernation! I've never ever seen anything like that. After the rock was removed few of the ants started moving very slowly, hardly walking. It has rised a lot of questions about hybernation and I'll try to answer properly tomorrow. In the afternoon-evening we went outside again and I took few pictures of the house and the road, it looks so different from few weeks ago, when everything was white and grey.

The sleeping ants

Everything looks so different now.  I'm waiting for geese to come back and announce out loud that the good season it's here officially and for good !

My bedroom's window. Beautiful isn't it ? It's quite old, but the house is more than 105 years and this is big part of its beauty.

And here it is, light, blue sky, sunset colors and happyness. 

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  1. Same weather here, too good! Nice banner and cute little frog. Have a nice day!

    1. Thank you ! We met the little frog ( along with probably ten thousend of its siblings ) during a walk in the countryside in Sweden last summer. They were adorable !


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